Wood, Natural Stone, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Steel or maybe Plastic? There is no better or worse material, there is only the right material for the right purpose. For example stainless steel, which is often our preference for the manufacturing of function parts of our benches, is also suitable for producing planters. But if a dynamic or complex shape is required, high quality plastic may bemore suitable. As high quality specifications such as aeroplane tails are today made of plastic, plastic is now a serious manufacturing option. When designing and developing benches from materials such as natural stone, a variety of materials are used. This combination of materials forms the unique characteristic of the bench. The right fixing mechanisms are crucial. We have gained many years experience to ensure that our products are highly functional with a clean and seamless presentation. Solid wood, veneered surfaces or a combination of different materials LIGNO FACTO always focuses on design and economy equally.